Saturday, August 28, 2010

Early Morning Heart Reap

I was up early due to sleeping at an ungodly hour the night before. I was passing time browsing an image-board website where I happened to stumble upon a thread that was dedicated to 'Bawwwing'. Now, for those who don't know and I'm going on out on a limb expecting that anyone but myself would be reading this. Bawwwing is another form of crying but in the context of the thread crying specifically because of a failed relationship. Browsing through the sea of sad stories and tales of tattered hearts, I came to realize that the so called 'legion, the sess pool of the unforgiving that is known as Anonymous' has a heart. Post after post someone would describe how they loved so deeply to eventually have that love shattered to pieces by that some-what cute nerdy girl who ended up being Satan's flaming gimp whore with an insatiable appetite for other people's 'lovings.'

Say what, Bitch?

After reading for sometime as the anonymous posters provided support to each other through macro images such as Courage Wolf, and other various over used internet memes I started to feel nostolgic and remembered my first heartbreak and subsequent lessons learned from the experience. I can leave a piece of advice for the 'basement dwelling neck-beards old and new' who inspired this post and to anyone else who's dealing with heartbreak, It hurts for now but as one door closes many open. You may be not be able to see that right now but it's so true so stop acting so fucking beta and get out there! If that doesn't help then I guess you can always go with Insanity Wolf's advice...

*Disclaimer* The author is not responsible for, or condones any type of assault on women due to anyone taking advice from Insanity Wolf. He assumes his readership, (which probably only includes himself) understands that Insanity Wolf is first Insane, and secondly a wolf.