Monday, January 31, 2011

R, E, N.

Is it really meant to be?
is she the one that's meant for me?
Should I act on what I feel?
'Cause she's the closest thing to real I see.
I wonder what she's waiting for...
I wonder what we're waiting for...
I don't want to push the limit.
'Cause I hear that less is more.

Song and lyrics both by Rockie Fresh reminds me of someone, specifically someone who despite being a human burrito and avid connoisseur of the finest man made bunnies ever invented, also happens to be one of the most beautiful, genuine and curiously interesting people I've gotten to know. To be honest, I've known this person for a while, but I guess I 'rediscovered' who they are, or gotten to know them better. What's particularly scary and yet exciting is I actually like this person a lot which in itself is rare, I'm usually not interested in anyone except immediate family and a few close friends so I guess it makes this person special, because amongst the sea of faces smiling at me I prefer to only look at theirs. 

Dear Mae, 
let's hope that one day we can move to Canada and follow our dreams while we're awake and  protect our world from ceiling fans as we sleep. 


  1. Yeah, me too. Worse when they make you cry lol.

  2. aww Jammy that is so sweety. :) I'm moving to Canada soon.